D&D Dice Set: Red White "Dragon's Blood" / Dungeons and Dragons dice set
D&D Dice Set: Red White "Dragon's Blood" / Dungeons and Dragons dice set

D&D Dice Set: Red White "Dragon's Blood" / Dungeons and Dragons dice set

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Ah, an adventurer be ye? Come ta seek tools of tha trade, do ye? Well then, I do believe ye've come to tha right place, as I've got priceless gems of all colors an' facets!

Oh, fancy these ones, do ye? Ah, yes, I call dees ones “Dragon's Blood”!

Item: TNG L04
Primary color: Red

Secondary color: White
Number color: Gold
Style: Swirled

Please be aware that individual dice are not exactly a 50/50 mix of white and red, some will be mostly red, very rare any are mostly white, but most have a good swirled mix of the two with about a 60/40 to 75/25 of red/white. It is random.

Use these dice to begin playing RPGs such as D&D or Pathfinder, to replace lost or broken dice, have as a spare set for visiting friends, as gifts to other gamers, as supplies for crafting jewelry, accessories for your mythical creations such as clay figurines, keychains, et cetera!

✥ One (1) D4 die (four-sided die, 1-4)
✥ One (1) D6 die (six-sided die, 1-6)
✥ One (1) D8 die (eight-sided die, 1-8)
✥ One (1) D10 die (ten-sided die, 0-9)
✥ One (1) D10% die (ten-sided die, 00-90)
✥ One (1) D12 die (twelve-sided die, 1-12)
✥ One (1) D20 die (twenty-sided die, 1-20)
✥ Black velvet dice bag of holding


✥ Him or Her
✥ Mother's or Father's Day
✥ Birthdays
✥ Christmas
✥ Other holidays involving gift-giving mythical beings
✥ Just to say I love you!
✥ Just to say I like you!
✥ Just to say I kinda like you a little ... maybe.
✥ Just to say you like yourself!
✥ Flag Day!!?!
✥ International Druid Bear Awareness Month
✥ To Stop Terrorism 


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