D&D Coffee Mug / "Rogues do it from behind!" Large 15oz Cup!

D&D Coffee Mug / "Rogues do it from behind!" Large 15oz Cup!

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My favorite mug thus far! I hope this really catches the essence of a Rogue you're looking for! I wouldn't want to run into the coffee mug in a dark alley ...

The mug reads:


LOOK! The letter "I" in 'behind' is made with a dagger formed of gaming dice!!!

On the back side: A dark silhouette of a rogue, daggers at the ready, stands in front of a bloody splash.

It's a coffee mug made especially for the rogue, the thief, the dexterous, the role player, and most especially ... the SNEAK in all of us!

Stay hydrated and caffeinated (and less annoyed with players) with this custom-made mug!

Made of the highest quality, the words are not simply drawn on, printed on, and they're not stickers, either! The ink is embedded into the mug itself and will never come off! Dishwasher, microwave, dragon's fire, AND zombie apocalypse safe! Also, guaranteed to add + 1 to both Wisdom and Constitution!

Please note that colors may vary slightly from mug to mug (magic is a fickle thing).

✥ 15 oz mugs: 6.25 inches Height x 6.5 in Width x 5" Diameter
✥ Image is permanently imprinted onto the mug.
✥ Image will not flake, scratch, or peel off.
✥ Microwave and Dishwasher safe.
✥ Lead & Cadmium Free
✥ Perfect for all your favorite Hot & Cold beverages.

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